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OARS Boat Maintenance Staff

Chad Haas — Boatman

Chad Haas

Chad Haas

Chad Haas energetically takes on the multitude of tasks involved in keeping OARS racing and training boats in prime condition. That includes everything from fixing worn shoes in foot stretchers to making sure tracks for the sliding seats are clean and all the wheel bearings in every single slide are moving smoothly. In a sport where hundredths of a second spell the difference between winning and losing, even the slickness of the boat’s hull matters. Chad makes sure all the boat hulls are clean as the proverbial whistle and ready to race. And then there are the riggers, the oars, the sound system that allows coxswains’ voices to be heard throughout the boat in the heat and noise of a race — it’s a big job, and as important as pulling hard and training regularly.

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